Highland cattle

Highland cattle

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The decision to farm Scottish Highland Cattle was to keep the roots with Scotland - Knapdale is the name of the lands the McMillans farmed in Scotland.

With the exception of some bulls to keep our bloodlines clean, all our cattle have been born at Knapdale.

Highland cattle available for sale:

  • B Grade cows scanned in calf (B grade  cows are 75% Highland, 25% Hereford)
  • A Grade cows scanned in calf (A grade cows are 87.5% Highland, 12.5% Hereford)
  • A Grade and P1 calves
  • A and B Grade cows with calves at foot.

Our Highland cows cost between $600 and $800. Calf prices are between $350 and $800 depending on their grade and age.

For $2 you can also become a shareholder in the Knapdale Highland Beef Shareholder’s Register. This contributes to the grazing and maintenance costs of our herd. To thank you for your contribution we may send you a Knapdale Highland Beef parcel when we process a male animal.

Vacuum-packed cuts are sometimes available. These include Scotch fillet, Porterhouse Steak, Rump or Topside, Cross Cut Blade, Schnitzel, Roast, Silverside and Mince, Sausages and Salami. Contact us by email (kees@knapdale.co.nz ) for availability.